Manage categories of hierarchic content

Manage Unlimited categories, sub-categories or sub-sub-categories


This script can be used to manage categories of content stored in a MySQL that is structured in hierarchies of unlimited depth.

The categories hierarchy is stored in a MySQL table that keeps the information about each category including the identifier of its parent category record.

The script provides functions to add a new category, edit, delete and retrieve the details of an existing category. Cross-Browser Compatible (IE6+, FF, Safari and more).



  • Added feature to upload icons to each category when add new category or edit it.
  • Added feature to show popups with description when the category title is moused over.

Features (Extremely easy to integrate)

  • Insert new categories to the structure:
    ParentID (Parent Category): every category should have a parent category, if it doesn’t then it will be a root category … this variable holds the parent category ID otherwise assign zero.
    Category Name, Category Description, Display Order, Show In Main Menu, Icon File ( category name , description, upload icon file, sort order and option to include in main menu or not )
  • Edit existing category
  • Delete existing category and all sub-categories below it
  • Change display order for categories and subcategories
  • Upload icons to each category when add new category and subcategory or edit it
  • Show popups with description when the category title is moused over

Live Demo

You can View Live Demo:

Server Requirements

Supports PHP 5.2.x or later
Supports MySQL 5.x or later (Requires 1 Database)

Can be tweaked or modified once purchased if you know the PHP language.


Please contact with any questions you may have via e-mail (admin[at]

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Manage categories of hierarchic content
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